3 Paleo Lunch Recipes To Keep You Full Until Dinner

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Paleo Lunch Recipes

You know you barely have time for breakfast, let alone make lunch, so I’ve gathered a couple of Paleo lunch recipes to keep you full until dinner. And you can make them in advance and just pop them in your lunch bag before heading to work.

The recipes are all bowls or salads, and I think they taste good hot or cold. The chicken burrito bowl would be great to make if you have leftover chicken from dinner. If you’re more of a salmon person and tuna (like I am), you can substitute salmon for tuna in the tuna salad recipe.

Sure, I work from home, but I don’t want to spend my work day in the kitchen, unless I was a food blogger, and then I’d probably be spending more time taking good photos than actually cooking the recipe. Those photos are hard to make look so tasty.

I think eating delicious food makes you forget you’re counting calories, or carbs, or proteins, and just fills you up and keeps you on track toward your goals. I really hope these recipes become a staple in your plans to eat healthy.

Easy Paleo Avocado Lime Tuna Salad

The lime in this recipe is a great surprise and quite delicious.

Paleo Avocado Lime Tuna Salad
Click on the image for full recipe from paleorunningmama.com


Chicken Burrito Bowl

No tortillas here, but but amazing all the same.

paleo chicken burrito bowl
Click on the image for the full recipe from eatthegains.com


Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl

This is one of my favorite, and easy recipes for lunch.

Paleo Egg Roll in a bowl
Click on the image to get the full recipe from realfoodwithjessica.com











Please let us know if you try these recipes, and how you liked them. We are always interested in seeing what people like and dislike. And I hope Paleo lunch recipes keep you full until dinner.
Leave us a comment, and maybe even a link to your favorite recipes.

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