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Hi, I’m Jamie

And I love food! I also love being active. But I’m also a writer, and that’s where the problem lies. Writing is not an active job, and because my writing pays the bills, I’m sitting a lot. I somehow went from being active and riding horses, running, and working out, to just more and more writing.
Next thing I knew I had gained more than 30 pounds. How did I let the happen? Part of my theory can be credited to Einstein. “An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and an object at rest tends to stay at rest, until moved upon by an outside force.” (paraphrased, obviously)
I needed an outside force to get me back in motion. I didn’t want to be fat and lazy anymore. I wanted to be the girl I was when I moved all the time. I loved the way that felt, but I took it for granted.
Not anymore. And Flabby to Fit is not only a journal of my journey to get fit again, it’s also a list of workouts, research, and meal plans and recipes I’ve used or am using to get fit again.
I recently saw a weight loss “guru” say she wasn’t showing exercises or workout videos anymore, because they don’t help you lose weight, and she’s right, but what exercise does do is help you stay healthy and KEEP the weight off.
Being sedentary is the new smoking. It will kill you. Our bodies are made to keep moving. When we slow down, we lose to much of the muscle and elasticity that keeps us young. But we can get it back, it just takes longer when we get started later.
Getting older isn’t for the weak, so we need to maintain, and even gain, strength, balance, and aerobic capacity. Go into this next chapter head-on with resilience.
If you’re already on the road to your goals, or just getting started, I think we have the program that will keep you going without getting discouraged.
This is ABSOLUTELY NOT A LOSE WEIGHT OVERNIGHT scheme. It’s a lifestyle you’ll want to pursue and maintain for a better quality of life.
So, follow along and get started today.
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