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One of my favorite motivational speakers is Gary Vaynerchuk. He calls it like it is and calls people out on their lame excuses to not get started. Go Gary. Except I sometimes don’t like him. Why? Because I know he’s speaking directly to me. He sees me making excuses, and he’s calling me out. Me! The truth hurts, and when Gary spews the truth it usually comes with a litany of swear words. Time to stop making gym membership an excuse.

So, this is my version of Gary Vee, for fitness, and without the swearing. If you’re using the excuse that you need a gym membership to get started, that’s a cop out. There, I said it. Whew!

This post is my way of saying, “STOP MAKING EXCUSES?”

Just start doing. The thing you’ll find on this site is that I give everyone a chance to get started. Every fitness post will have an alternative for those who are so out of shape you’re sure you can’t walk to the end of the block. I felt that way at one point, but then I pushed a little harder and next thing I knew I was training for a marathon. Yes, you read that right, a marathon. But that was more than a decade ago, and I got lost in the flabby girl again.

When I decided I wanted to be fit again, I was a decade older, and I made the excuse that I was too old to do what I did before. But that was a lie I’m good at telling myself. When I suck it up and admit it’s a lie, I can accomplish a lot.

Believe me, I’ve used all the excuses: my back hurts, my knees can’t take it, OUCH! my shoulder, you name it. But here’s the thing, it’s all excuses, because there’s a starting point for everyone. And where one person can run a mile tomorrow and feel great the next day (after 3 years of no running), the next person may not be able to walk a mile.

Here’s the rub

We all have our own reality, and we all have our own starting point. Let’s say you read my post Easier than Couch to 5K post and you’re not at the point of walking a full 30 minutes yet. DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU (yes, I’m yelling, but at least I’m not swearing 😉). Can you walk 5 minutes? Boom, walk 5 minutes today, then maybe 6 minutes tomorrow or a few days from now, but gradually (though you do need to push yourself a little) get to 30 minutes of walking. Then you’ll be able to start the running program.

Get my point yet?

I’ll have fitness posts on boxing, stair climbing, yoga, ballet, and more, and they can all be done in your home, no gym membership required. Sure, you may need to purchase a yoga mat, or some dumbbells, but you’ll never have to get dressed and leave the house to get fit.

Speaking of yoga mats, this is my favorite:

Flabby to Fit Yoga Mat image

So, what are you waiting for? Read my Easier than Couch to 5K blog post. Then get out there!


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  • I am lucky enough to have an open floor plan and concrete floors so most mornings (I rise VERY early) I run the house for 30 minutes and at least 3 miles. I feel more secure as the footing is even and it is climate controlled. I have always found running boring, but a little OCD, so I count my steps and that keeps my brain occupied. When I first started, my CV fitness was minimal. I can now keep a 4.5 mph pace for 40min w/o stopping. I would have never thought it possible.