Step Aerobics for Beginners

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Step Aerobics at Home or in the Gym

Remember the post where I talked about walking stairs in our Facebook Group? This is an easier way to get your step aerobics scheduled into your day. With step aerobics for beginners, there’s nothing to purchase unless you want to. I have this awesome adjustable step I got from Amazon. I like it because I can start low, then add height as I get in better shape. But again, buying a step isn’t necessary. You can use the steps in your home if you have them. If you choose to use a step of some kind in your house, make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t move.
step aerobics step

For the Beginner

This is the step aerobics for beginners video in the link. You may not be able to work through the entire video at first. If you’re getting winded, or lightheaded, STOP, take a break. Walk around the room so you’re not just standing still. When you feel like you can continue, jump back into the video. Don’t pause it, just get started back where she is now.

I picked this video because this is a reputable instructor with a huge following, and because she’s the person I step with on Fridays when I’m do my step workout. I encourage you to give this a try and build until you can finish the full workout without resting. It’s a great place to start and builds strength in your butt and legs. When you get comfortable with the lowest level on your step, add another layer so you’re having to step a little higher with each step.

Enjoy the workout, and you might want to incorporate this into your week anywhere from 3-5 days. If you’re happy with your walking or running routine, maybe throw this in once or twice a week to change up your aerobic exercise and mix it up. Your body gets used to routine, so changing it up with something fun and challenging will help you on your path to fitness.

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