5 Reasons You Don’t Stick to Your Workout

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5 Reasons you don’t stick to your workout…

Oh, sure, you start with good intentions and even tell yourself the night before, “I’m going to stick with this,” but you maybe last a day or even a week. And once again, you didn’t continue with your weekly workout plan long enough to see results. For some, even the threat of death doesn’t help with motivation. Why? Because that threat doesn’t seem tangible, I guess.

But I have 5 sure fire reasons you don’t stick to your workout:

1. You jumped in with both feet

You went from zero to fifty in one workout, and the next day you can barely walk, or are so sore you don’t want to do it again. Right? We’ve all been there. We’ve been a couch potato for months or even years then decide to go out and run a mile, take a Zumba class, lift weights like we did when we were fit. I could go on, but you know what I’m talking about.

Instead of building back up to the place we were when we stopped being fit, we jump right back in. But last time I ran a mile it didn’t hurt. Well, last time you were in better shape.

Whether it’s lifting weights, taking an exercise class, or jogging, start back slowly. Here’s a link to a fantastic way to get yourself ready to run 30 minutes straight, even if you’ve never been a runner.

If you’re in a Zumba class, don’t try to do the whole class. Start with 15 minutes and build back up. There’s no shame in quitting early, especially when you keep coming back regularly. Better 15 minutes, then 20, then 30, than to quit altogether and not go back.

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - great for workouts
Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds – great for workouts

2. You don’t schedule workout time

If you needed to be at the dentist, you’d schedule an appointment. Same for the doctor, or a meeting. Then schedule your workouts. Yes, put it on your phone calendar, planner, or whatever you use for your appointments. Make sure you keep the appointment with yourself as if you had an inch of gray roots showing and needed to see your colorist. If you can take time to get your hair colored, you can make time to exercise. So put that half-hour or hour on your calendar and stick to it.

3. You say you don’t have time to stick to your workout

I call bullshit! How much time did you spend on Facebook this morning? Twitter? Instagram or Pinterest? How much TV did you watch or how many hours reading a book? You could have been exercising. If you have a treadmill, stationary bike or gym membership you can play on social media while you pedal. If you’re on a treadmill make sure you hold the rail so you don’t fall. Postpone that Netflix marathon 30 minutes and get that workout in first.

Do kids take too much time? Then get up 30 minutes early (I know this option won’t work for me because I love to sleep), or get a few minutes in after they go to bed.

The “I don’t have time” excuse is just plain bullshit, like I said. If you want it bad enough, you’ll schedule it.

4. You haven’t made your health a priority

I’m guilty of this. Even when I eat well, I’m not always good about putting a regular exercise plan into effect. Since I’ve started wearing a Fit Bit I’m better able to track my steps and I have a daily goal. I make this a high goal, but not unrealistic, then I have something to strive for.

Update: Because of the hardfall feature, I’ve switched from FitBit (which I still love) to Apple Watch to track my exercise.

You may not want to live to be 11o, but don’t you want a better quality of life for the years you will live? Making exercise a priority, and scheduling 3-5 sessions of 30-60 minutes a week will help improve your quality of life for more years.

5.  You Don’t Like Your Workouts

But do you really not like your workout, or just the idea of working out. You need to check your attitude and evaluate what it is you don’t like. If you really don’t like the workout, then find something else. We often try the newest workout we heard about on TV, social media, or in a magazine, that promises weight loss. The thing to remember here; exercise isn’t going to help you lose weight without a proper diet, unless you’re training at the level of a professional athlete. Exercise is about keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So find a workout you love, or just like, and stick with it until your mind gets on board. I remember when I hated running, but after about four weeks, I looked forward to my solo treks around the three-mile loop I run.

I hope these five reasons you don’t stick to your workout help open your eyes and you get moving.


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